About us

In line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 by focusing on the prosperous economy and that industry is the most important axis of building the Saudi economy.


Based on several studies carried out by officials in the regulatory bodies on the consequences of food poisoning, studies confirmed that shawarma constitutes 70% of food poisoning incidents due to the lack of the necessary ingredients in its preparation.


Hence the idea of establishing a Horizon Food Factory (mid-2015), which is the first factory specialized in the production of ready-made shawarma molds of all kinds (chicken and meat) in the latest industrial cities in the third industrial city in Dammam and on an area of 5000 m2. With a capital of 31,894,80 riyals, and its construction began in 2015,


In 2017, we started to produce ready-made shawarma molds with his brand (Iskender) of all kinds (poultry and meat) in different sizes and special mixtures according to international specifications according to the requirements of each customer under the supervision of a quality team with great experience in the field of food safety and with the participation of a production team of the best cadres in the shawarma industry.


Due to the great demand for our products, at the beginning of 2020, we made an additional expansion of the factory to become the total area (19800 m2) so that we can expand to serve the largest number of customers with a capital of 80,000,000 riyals

At the beginning of 2022, the company was converted from a limited liability company to a closed joint stock company, in preparation for offering 20% of the shares in the Saudi market, and we now have shareholders, which increases the chances of presence and strong competition in the Saudi market.

The factory has the latest production lines and integrated technology with the highest European specifications adopted in the shawarma industry, where production lines have been supplied from more than five German companies


To be our brand the first and leading brand


Providing food products of high quality, safety, and value to the consumer.


Continuous development and improvement in the field of poultry and meat industry of high quality while achieving the highest rates of food safety for the product to reach consumer satisfaction.

Values :

1 – Excellence: We always strive for quality in all departments to achieve the highest success rate always. We aim to look for ways to continuously improve our work and overcome any obstacles.

2 – Respect: We always strive to gain the respect and trust of the consumer by following up on all complaints and working to resolve them as soon as possible and in a possible way. And follow up the customer’s requirements and provide them to him in the fastest way and high luxury.

3 – Cooperation: We are always keen to have a team spirit and exchange of information and experiences among all our employees to always achieve the best through teamwork and setting common goals. We have always strived to create a healthy and diverse work environment that attracts and develops all members of our team. Recognizing the outstanding performance of our employees, rewarding talents and achieving their well-being 

4 – Dedication: We always strive to make an effort to achieve outstanding results for our customers and always persevere to achieve continuous success.

5 – Innovation: We always strive for creativity through the continuous development and improvement of our products and we always work to keep pace with changes in the market and a good and correct understanding of the requirements and needs of the customer. And make the right and quick decisions to keep pace with the changes that are always presented in order to gain the trust and satisfaction of the customer.

6 – Development: We always strive to develop our employees through training and practical courses in the field of work of each department. And the work of an advanced administrative structure and the use of the latest scientific means and the provision of advanced work systems in all departments within the company to achieve the highest rates of leadership, progress and success.


Our Leaders

Youssef bin Abdullah

Chairman of Board of Directors

Ahmed El arfaj

Member of the Board of Directors

Mishal bin Malhi

Member of the Board of Directors

Ahmed bin Muhammad

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Khaled Muhammad

Member of the Board of Directors

Executive Team

Sultan Al-Harbi

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Salem

Commercial Director

Hussine Abdelmohsen

Chief Financial Officer

Ali Khan

Maintenance Manager

Sezgin kak

Production Manager

Mohamed taha

Director of quality, safety and occupational health

Abdul Rahman Khan

Projects and Shared Services Manager